This is a site that examines the sub terranial mind of a person I know very well…..me.  I’m now  57 years old and pretty much have a good understanding of what makes me tick. Usually that tick is a red wine, but recent events outlined in One Flew Over the Policeman’s Nest have sent me spiralling into a state of withdrawal and my body is now having to get accustomed to chocolate as its the only thing that mixes well with the plethora of drugs I am on.

I have always enjoyed writing but I tend to scribble with my tongue in my cheek as  cynicism takes hold and my warped sense of humour eats away at any ounce of common sense that I may try and display.

I initially set this site up to outline my current mental state and the experiences that moulded me into the person I am at this very moment.  One Flew Over the Policeman’s Nest is not pretty but I hope that it helps others to look at themselves like I am at present.

On top of all of this I would like to build on my literary skills and document some of the stuff I have done and share some of  my life.   Life’s about nice things and nice people and I have a load of them in my life.  They have always been there but I didn’t always see them because it was every  problem and bigoted arsehole that walked into my life that tended to swamp my mind.  Time to change and spend time with people that make me happy.

I’ll be adding different stories and categories as the light bulb goes off in my head so keep watching.  Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any comments on what I have written and sensible comments will be well received…..with a drink if you live close enough….if not alcohol then chocolate.

Bye for now…..I’m copying Winnie the Pooh and eating “honey”…..why…..because there’s a moral  there we should all adhere to…..I’ll let you figure it out.