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Stuff News Article on Police Welfare referrals in NZ Police

Official New Zealand figures state that one in five New Zealanders have suffered from some form of Mental Illness.  If you work on the fact that NZ Police has 10,000 employees then that means 2000 have suffered at some stage.  There are some people who believe that it’s probably closer to half.

The Official figures of referrals are great but they don’t take into consideration the poor buggers who suffer in silence and I expect there are quite a few of them.    As Chris Cahill outlines in his comments a lot of the referrals mentioned are obligatory for staff who work in specific areas such as Child Abuse Units so it alludes to the question of how many police staff are actually suffering from stress, depression or anxiety…..that would be very interesting !!

The article below is from a brave North Island Detective who has previously spoken to the press about the issues he faced.

North Island Detective suffers from Depression

Lets hope we have a few more of these articles to raise awareness of the troubles some police employees are going through.



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