Highly Sensitive

Previous Post: Head over Heart I started working in Wellington Central Police Station in November 2014.  It was a move that was good for me….and bad for me.  I could sit here and blame everything […]

Head over Heart

Previous Post:  A Lesson Learn’t….Nope In 2010 Katrina and I decided to move to Wellington, it was for no apparent reason but Katrina was from there and I spent the first 13 […]

Moving On…..

Previous Post:  Fill it…please !! After moving out of home I spent a couple of nights in a motel trying to get my head around what I was doing.  I switched into […]

Do or Do Not…

*Previous Post:  Fill it…please !! Its been a few weeks since I have written a post and I have to apologise to myself and those people who have some interest in what I […]

Fill it…please !!

Previous Post A Policeman’s Nest (Part 2) I was pretty happy at work for the next 8 years.  I moved around to different departments but essentially I just moved furniture from room to room, […]


Previous Post: Where to now ? My mind changed after that visit to respite care. I still couldn’t make decisions without walking around the house twice but I had changed my mindset. My […]